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South LA Mini Food Crawl: Mango and Tamarind Slushie

I just had a spicy mango slushie, and I loved it.

This week I’m highlighting a local candy / treat / snack shop in the Adams-Normandie neighborhood of South Los Angeles called Xtra Bionicos Allexis. Unlike my other food crawls, I’m just highlighting one eatery.

You’ll find this eclectic snack shop in a non-assuming shopping center on Adams Boulevard, a few blocks west of Vermont Avenue–and not terribly far from USC, either.

The storefront is lined with vibrant banners that depict some of the sweetest and savory you can find here, including mango and tamarind fruit cups, taki elote, agua frescas, smoothies, decked out hot dogs, and so much more. 

Inside you’ll find a cozy but COVID-friendly interior. In an arms reach, you’ll find candies and chips. 

On the day I went, Ari and I ate dinner, so we just went for light snacks. For just over $12 bucks I picked up a mango and tamarind slushie, a cucumber lime agua fresca, and wheat flour pinwheels served with lemon and Tapatio.

The wheat flour pinwheels on par with what you can find on local vendor carts across South LA. Though, I appreciated that you could coat the pinwheels with how much lemon and hot sauce that you want. 

You may be hard-pressed to find agua fresca on the street in South LA. It’s not impossible to find, but I primarily see it in the more northern part of the region. But the cucumber lime agua fresca I found here is worth traveling for. The lime, cucumber, and sugar were balanced well. However, if you’re more sensitive to sugar, you may find it on the sweeter side, but I thought it was just right–and super refreshing.

The last thing I ordered was the mango tamarind slushie. I originally wanted the diced mango and tamarind cup, but they were sold out. But I still lucked out. The sweet, spicy, and cold elements of the mango tamarind slushie were nothing short than delectable. The straw is covered in the spicy-but-sweet tamarind, which results in a dynamic and gratifying flavor. And the chunks of mango topped it off for the appeal. 

This place is trending 4.5 stars on Yelp, and I’m here to say that it’s worth every penny. On my next visit, I’ll definitely get a mango slushie drink, but maybe be a bit more adventurous and pair it with tostilocos. 

If you have a favorite candy or snack shop, leave it down in the comments below.

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