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“Be Proud of Where You Live.”

The South LA Recap is an online-based documentary project that is dedicated to unraveling the immense history, secrets, and stories of South Los Angeles. Created by Eric M. Craig.

Eric M. Craig

Writer. City Lover. Pun Connoisseur. Filmmaker.

I’m Eric Craig, and I’m a multimedia content creator in LA. I grew up in South LA, and I still have family in South LA. I also attended Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, studying political science and communications.

I love to craft narratives, share stories, and build community. While I’m not a writer with fancy bylines and a pompous website, I am one of integrity, empathy, and humility. You can find my bylines on (the now defunct) Curbed New Orleans, Data News Weekly, and the LAist. Though, if you’re wondering, for most of my professional career I have made written, video, and audio content for Xavier University of Louisiana’s Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sunny Health and Fitness, and several other organizations. I currently manage content for Green Dot Public Schools California in Los Angeles.

Though my real passion is found in my online passion project called The South Los Angeles Recap, a series of videos that document the history, neighborhoods, and community members of South Los Angeles. I developed this project in December 2020 as an attempt to combat the deficit-based content that seems to be prioritized in Google and YouTube Algorithms. I still have a long way to go, but I’m thrilled by the massive support I’ve found for The Recap.