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Should You Buy a Home in South LA?

Buying a home is a huge investment. But is it worth buying one in South LA?

This week I took a moment to talk with Heather Presha, the lead agent and CEO of The Presha Properties Team. Heather, and her team of agents specialize in the South LA Region and the City of Inglewood. In our short conversation, Presha and I discussed the hot housing market, how its affecting South LA, and the best advice you can follow as a potential homebuyer or homeowner in the South LA housing market.

About Heather Presha

Presha is the lead agent at Presha Properties Team, and has sold residential real estate for over 14 years. Presha and her team of real estate professionals specialize in buyer and seller transactions in both Inglewood and South LA.

Presha is also a mentor for new agents, teaches classes, and has even contributed her expertise through interviews with to the Los Angeles Times, KCRW Radio, Curbed LA and USA Today.

Presha Properties Team is a team of real estate professionals dedicated to South LA and Inglewood.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.

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