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Vaccination at Dodger Stadium: What to Expect

I’ll be honest: The idea of getting vaccinated at Dodger Stadium was pretty frightening. But in reality, it actually wasn’t that bad.

It was easy, actually. 

This past March, my day job landed me in phase 1B of the vaccination tiers in California. Now, with more vaccination appointments being made available soon, I thought I’d publish this post for anyone that might be anxious about getting vaccinated at Dodger Stadium. Or just curious about how the process works.

In this video I’ll go over: (1) What you need to start the process, (2) how you can sign up, and (3) what you can expect during your vaccination process. I’ve even included some of my dashcam footage of the vaccination supersite. So let’s get into it! 

What You Need 

 You’ll need a few things before you sign up and get your vaccination. 

  1. Some form of a government-issued ID. A driver’s license or state ID. Anything that confirms your name and address. You need to be an LA County resident to be vaccinated at our Super Sites.
  2. A letter from you employer or organization that confirms your employment eligibility for the vaccine. My job’s human resource department sent me my letter automatically through my work email. 
  3. And while I wasn’t asked for it, if you have one, I’d bring your work ID just for good measure. 

Carbon Health 

Great. Now that you’ve got your documents in line, you can sign up for a vaccination appointment a Dodger Stadium on the Carbon Health website. You’ll land on the home page where you can choose your employment vaccination tier. As of the publishing of this post, no new appointments are being offered–but check back regularly for appointment openings. When the website reopens, you’ll be able to pick the type of vaccine, a location operated by the Los Angeles Fire Department, and a time that suits your schedule. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

Once you complete the signup process, you’ll get a confirmation email with a QR code. Keep this handy.

If you’re interested in more locations to get a vaccine, visit the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s website for a complete list of vaccination locations. 

Driving at Dodger Stadium 

For a Dodger Stadium appointment, you’ll be directed to the Golden State Gate, just off of Academy Road at Dodger Stadium.  Just a side note: I’d make sure that you have at least a half tank or more of gas. You may be idling your car for a while. 

I got on the 110 Northbound and took the Dodger Stadium exit, turning left on Stadium Way. You’ll keep straight with the road up until you get to Academy. Here you’ll likely run into traffic. This is where the initial checkin happens. 

An attendant will come up to your car, you’ll roll your window down, and they’ll confirm if you have an appointment and the brand of vaccine you’re taking. So far, Dodger Stadium has distributed both Moderna and J&J vaccines. 

You’ll wait in a little more traffic, but then comes the fun part: Cone driving.

You’ll get to roll in line with thousands of orange cones, almost like a tutorial level of a driving video game. Turns can be tight, so make sure you’re topped off with power steering fluid.

Eventually you’ll hit some more traffic, and idle. This is a great time to look at Dodger Stadium and reminisce about the last time you were able to attend a game and buy a Dodger Dog or the like. 

Then you’ll get to the front of the line, where you’ll be directed to wait in a new, covered line. This is where you’ll receive your vaccination. 

An attendant will come up to your car window, confirming your name. They’ll ask for the QR code sent in your confirmation email, proof of eligibility letter, and government-issued ID.  Lastly, they’ll also ask if you have a preference on which arm you’ll want to volunteer as tribute for the vaccine.

The next person you’ll see is the practitioner who will administer the vaccine in your arm. Now, if you get there Moderna or Pfizer, I’ve heard that it doesn’t hurt much, if at all. I got the Johnson & Johnson, and well, it felt like the attendant was prying my arm open with a knife. Anyway, that’s neither here or there or South of Texas. 

After you’re administered a vaccine, you’ll wait in your car for about 30 minutes. The health professionals just want to make sure you don’t pass out or have an allergic reaction after vaccinating you. Then you’re free to go. 

And while you’re around, you should definitely stop at one of my favorite sandwich places in LA, East Side Deli. It’s minutes away from the Stadium. 

And, well, that’s it for the vaccination process at Dodger Stadium. I hope this helps anyone that may be nervous about any part of the process.

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