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South LA Food Crawl: Central Avenue

Mexican food, soul food, and a sweet potato pie. Yep. We’ve found that all on Central Avenue in South LA.

Believe it or not, there are over 50 restaurants on Central Avenue in Los Angeles, including several pupuserias, Mexican bakeries, and other local eateries—with most of them being independently owned My wife, Ari, and I recently watched a South LA Food crawl video and we were down to try it. Because I’ve been doing a lot of research on Central Avenue, I figured that I had to at least try to do my first crawl video here.

To make it short, I wanted a plate. Ari wanted a plate. And we both wanted a holiday dessert. So visited two restaurants and one bakery. Ari went on Yelp and found some neighborhood favorites. We—I mean she—ended up choosing: Los Tacos Carnales, Delicious at the Dunbar, and the 27th Street Bakery. While it’s a short list, we plan to be back for more. There’s a lot of flavor in this 1.5 mile stretch of Central Avenue.


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